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Monthly Archives: June 2008

ready to ride

Balenciaga Resort 2009.  I never thought I’d want to look so biker chic. But I do now. Plus all of these shoesView full post »

running, running

These past few weeks, I feel like I haven’t had time to catch my breathe. You should’ve seen my to-do list.View full post »

malandrino- the classic french spy

I prefer the Resort collections to the other seasons, mainly because the clothes are ten times more wearble. TheView full post »

shopping woes

So many things to buy, so few paychecks to support my dangerous habit.View full post »

out with the old

People connate goodbye’s with sadness. For the most part, I agree. There is something about shutting the door onView full post »

shopping for summer solstice

all from J.Crew. If you are broke like me, the website will literally bring tears to your eyes.View full post »

my cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard

In my old office, I am blessed/cursed to work with all boys. Seriously. I am the only girl student assistant among 5View full post »

a new ‘do

As you can see, things have been redesigned here at Slow Like Honey. About a month ago, I switched up the domain name,View full post »

a mixed bag and a tag

bust out the summer duds I’d consider this a rather random post as I wanted to jot down some thoughts that haveView full post »

on the big screen

I finally managed to see Sex and the City over the weekend, hoping to avoid the madhouse of loud girls and overly chattyView full post »

ain’t got no heart

I confess, this past week was not my finest. In fact, my moods have ranged from rotten to frustrated to simply bored.View full post »

the sweetest things

Everything about a cupcake reminds me of childhood. Who doesn’t look back at those years spent jumping throughView full post »

a chocolate affair

There was a time in my life when food was something to be ignored, or rather restricted. A time when meals wereView full post »

tried & true

Some think that baking is a real endeavor. Sure, it can be laborious and extremely trying, but other times it’s asView full post »