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malandrino- the classic french spy

I prefer the Resort collections to the other seasons, mainly because the clothes are ten times more wearble. The designers get a chance to take it down a notch overall, not so much in quality but more so in developing the entire package. It’s more about making clothes appealing to ALL consumers, not jsut the hoighty-toighty. While I still couldn’t afford one thing from any of the designers, at least I can pretend to wear them. My favorite collection so far has been Catherine Malandrino’s. She never fails for me though. She sticks to a very feminine aesthic, choosing to use fabrics and cuts that emphasize the female form. How could you not feel like a Parisian vixen wearing her dresses?!

This resort season, her clothes remind me of something that a sultry french spy would wear. From that trench coat to the sizzling yellow dress, it all reminds me of the dresses Anne Hathaway donned in Get Smart, which I saw last weekend (if you like Steve & Anne, you’ll like this movie, although its kind of slow). Her outfits were sexy and chic, and yet she was still able to kick some serious ass. That’s the complete package, if you ask me.

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