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Most recently, I’ve had a slight bedroom fixation. Scouring magazines, clicking through lookbooks, ripping out pages in catalogs.

You’d think I was playing an intense game of Where’s Waldo (don’t even mess with me and that little man, I’m a force to be reckoned with.)

I keep postponing my bedroom redecoration project, thinking that its better to wait till I move in to a new place before I go full-force into Martha mode. But as the economy tanks and my bank account empties little by little, moving to a new place seems like a lofty ideal. While I cool my heels and try not to obsessively check cmy stocks, check out these amazing bedroom pictures from Anthropologie. What can’t that company do?! Clothes, home furniture, clothes… What’s next?! Food?! Oh crap, if they start selling gourmet cakes or something, I might die.

Doesn’t the picture with the huge staircase and bed at the bottom remind you of a fairy tale? Like a secret place where Sleeping Beauty waits?  All of a sudden a man with a big sword will come running in… Damn, can you tell I saw that movie again? It happens to be my favorite Disney flick. Forget Cinderella and Snow White was just a sham. Sleeping Beauty had it all…

Note to self: fairy tales aren’t real. Three godmothers=a pain in the ass.

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October 17, 2008 - 9:29 am

cindy - everytime i get a new anthropologie catalog i shut my eyes and daydream…then i scour the catalog for the things i could realistically afford.

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