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The problem with California is that, in a few short days, it will steal your heart. Within minutes of landing in Los Angeles two weeks ago, I knew I was screwed. Screwed? Yes, because half of my heart belongs here in New York. But the other half, oh that other half, belongs so clearly to California. When I close my eyes, I picture a life there, filled with sun and sand, and while I am awfully sad to realize that New York isn’t my final destination, it makes being in New York that much sweeter. It’s almost like, I better get in as much of New York as I can because soon, it won’t be home anymore.




That’s why the blog has been quiet for so long. I attempted to come back last week but there wasn’t anything to write. Or rather, there wasn’t anything I could write. The post-vacation blues had sunk it hard and it took a good week to get me out of it. It also didn’t help that I came back to a mountain of work.

Not to drag out a long story but can I tell you what the best part about vacation, besides seeing good friends and relaxing? It’s coming back home, soaking up all the energy of this fantastic city, and getting back to my old self again.

It’s good to be home.

(ps. I’ll be sharing my eats and adventures in CA throughout the week. I do hope you enjoy them and visit the same eateries when you visit California. I had the most amazing time eating my way through Los Angeles!)

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June 19, 2012 - 2:47 am

Flapjack Recipe - Wonderful food blog! Love your blog :)

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