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Things I’ve been thinking while NOT blogging

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Once again, this space has gotten quiet. I could say alot of things, try and explain why but who cares? Right? It’s summer, there are beaches to be lay on, vacations to take, books to read, cocktails to drink, music to listen to, burgers to eat, concerts to attend, movies to see, friends to laugh with.

However, there are a running number of things that I’ve been thinking about since, you know, living. Here we go…

1. Last weekend, I was down at the Jersey Shore for the first time and two things struck me. First, the sheer amount of nature blew my mind. It was like a freaking forest! Not kidding. Trees, grass, flowers, and yes, bugs. It was insane. Guys, in California we have what I like to call developed forests. AKA neat, orderly forests that are taken care of by the city. On the east coast, nature just grows. Like it should be. Color me impressed. And the other thing? People need to stop with the tanning. I mean, it’s ridiculous. You are not meant to look like an Oompa Loompa.

2. I wasn’t sure if I could like “The Newsroom” but five minutes into the first episode, I was hooked. I mean, you can’t really do any wrong with Jeff Daniels and Aaron Sorkin. Fun fact, I used to want to be a Broadcast Journalism. yes, I am aware I am a walking cliche, but it’s true. Then I did a college internship and realized broadcast journalism? No way. Too much coffee, stress, douchebags. Not enough pay. NO thanks. Anyways, if you can, check out the show on HBO. It’s pretty fantastic.

3. In just one month, I’m headed back to California for my best friend’s wedding. ONE MONTH. You guys, I’m freaking out. It’s insane. I have known both BFF and groom-to-be since I was 15 (12, with the groom) and it makes me so ridiculously happy to see them getting married. 5 years, one house, one dog. It’s so right, it almost makes me sick.

4. I keep meaning to write about the good LA eats I had in early June but womp womp. I’m lazy and unmotivated. Shocking? I think not.

5. I made a Blueberry Pie for the Fourth of July and it was so good. Like so good. Like blow-my-pants-off good. Recipe to come soon!

6. It’s summer. I’m sweating. Bugs are out in full force. I wish I was at the beach more often.

7. I saw Woody Allen’s “To Rome, With Love” and while it didn’t sweep me away like “Midnight in Paris”, it definitely made me a little heartsick. I want to wander around Roman ruins with attractive men, eating gelato and drinking wine! Hhmmph.


Ok, that’s it. I’ll be back soon. Hope you all had a face-smashing-fantastic weekend.


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July 16, 2012 - 6:01 pm

colleen - yes, me too, i’m with you on number 7.

i agree – as someone not from jersey and therefore not biased – some parts of the jersey shore really impress me. and then others, unfortunately, fulfill the stereotype i know. oh well. keep enjoying your wonderful summer!

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