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After Hours in New York

new york city living

I think some of the most beautiful moments spent in New York City happen after hours. The city, albeit beautiful and alluring in the day, shifts into a whole other beast at night.


I am typically a morning kind of gal. I prefer to rise early, pack my day with all kinds of adventures and then cozy up at home to rest up for the next day. But over the past couple of months, I’ve been relishing the nights spent out with friends and just soaking up New York City’s energy. I mean, I’m pretty particular about where I spend my time aka you will never see me frequent a bar where the average age of the attendees is under 24 or anything that is reminiscent of an Irish Bar. Please, I’m no rookie. But, that being said, I will happily go anywhere new, old, tried, and true for the sheer fact that you never know what will happen.

new york city living


For instance, I had a close friend come visit and stay with me over the weekend and it was my mission to brighten his spirits. After a rough breakup and a seeming quarter-life crisis, I knew I had to bring out the best in New York. Not just to distract him but to inspire him. We spent our days wandering Brooklyn, then heading to the tourist-friendly HighLine. We ate at Pastis, we drank ridiculously good coffee at Blue Bottle, we shimmied to a few good 90s tunes at Sons of Essex, challenged a few locals to a fame of pool at a dive bar, and ended up at a quiet cozy wine bar. While he attempted to charm the bartender, two young bucks invited me to come join them at their table and I obliged, not because I was particularly interested in them (please, they were babies) but because they seemed endearing, friendly and why the hell not. We talked about all kinds of things, but mainly about the joys of living in the city. It was kind of adorable, to talk with these two NYU kids who must have been 21 and to hear about their new challenges in city living. They asked about jobs, dating, bars, culture, sex, and so much more and looking back, I think the highlight of my night was talking with them. I guess the moral of my story is that this city, this seemingly cold, scary, intimating place, is actually one big open bar. Everyone just wants to talk, to communicate, to know that someone is there. Whether you’re the one gabbing or lending your ear, the beauty of this city after-hours lies in the conversations, the people, the atmosphere.


This city is such a melting pot of 8 million individuals and voices and we’re all crammed in this tiny, hectic life. To be able to meet anyone at anytime and talk about literally anything is pretty cool. And I’d highly advise it. 


(and if your curious, my friend didn’t get the number of that bartender, which I actually liked. Gotta make those men work, right?!)

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