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Spring Inspiration: Pink for Adults

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I know, it’s mid-February and to think about Spring would be foolish. But I never said I was a reasonable lady, now did I? Truth be told, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost my love for winter. I mean, I was the girl who simply adored spending¬† rainy days in bed with blankets, hot cocoa and a marathon of DVDs to plow through. But now? I’ve never been more obsessed with sunshine, and large doses of it. It’s probably the California girl inside of me, just dying to get out.

Anyways, since I’ve got spring on the brain, I started looking ahead to spring style, which is probably one of my favorite seasons for fashion. Why?


1. The colors are not as punchy but just as bold. I will probably never venture to rock a serious neon yellow dress but give me a nice mustard and I’m there. Think vibrant, not glow-in-the-dark.

2. Sex is much more muted. I get it, summer is hot and showing skin is required. But I love seeing only snippets of skin, which is what Spring is all about. Just enough skin to entice, to get the mind churning and spurn curiosity.

3. You can mix/match winter pieces. Depending on where you live, Spring is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your favorite winter pieces with new, fresh Spring items. Think a classic menswear-inspired peacoat with a short, frilly white lace dress. Or A large, roomy sweater over a floral skirt.


This Spring, I’ve started to think a lot about pink. Now, pink and I have had a troubled relationship. We had a torrid love affair when I was in middle school (along with every other girl in the world) but we’d officially broken up by college. Now, she’s just a lover I revisit when I need a pick-me-up. But, after seeing the Fall 2013 collections from Oscar de la Renta and Jenny Packham, I am finally seeing the beauty of pink and how I can add it to my all-black-everything wardrobe.

What I’ve learned? It’s all about layering and the shade of pink. It doesn’t have to be bubblegum pink, it can be hot-like-fire pink. Build an outfit around pink – you don’t need to make pink the main attraction.


What do you think? How do you wear pink or do you avoid this girlie color all together?

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