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Weekend Hit List: City Bakery, La Esquina and a Karen Walker Dress



Hold up. Before we dig our heels into this week, can we just give this weekend a round of applause for being exactly what we all needed? After a week that left me reaching for the vodka (no joke), I filled my weekend days with friends, a little shopping and all my favorite guilty pleasures. Like champagne. And spring dresses. And grapefruit margaritas. And chocolate. And coffee. And City Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here’s a running list of this weekend’s hit list and what you should check out online and in the city, if you happen to be in my neck of woods.

1. Long Sunday walks that leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the week. I honestly spent the better half of Sunday walking through Chelsea, the West Village than through the East Village where I met up with close friends who perked me up with champagne and a marathon viewing session of Girls. Clear skies, Lord Huron blaring on my playlist made for the best of companions on Sunday. Well, besides the booze and my friends.

2. With wedding season upon us, I began my search for bridesmaids dresses and sweet party dresses appropriate for rehearsal dinners and bridal showers. I fell in love with this retro Karen Walker frock from Anthropolgie. Great print and color plus a super feminine cut.

3. I mean, what does a girl turn to when she is feeling a little down? Endless cups of coffee and a fatty fresh Chocolate cookie from City Bakery. In all honesty, I do believe City Bakery delivers the best cookie in all New York. You can quote me on that.

4. When it’s cold and flurring outside, the smart New Yorkers make their way to the museum. With Hitha and Usha as my museum partners, I saw the new Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit at the MET which looked at the way fashion influenced Impressionists. Very cool and you get to see all the fancy dresses in person! Woot!

4. And lastly, as if you didn’t realize, this weekend was all about savoring the now and not dwelling too much on the past. For this, I required only the best of cuisine and margaritas. Which is why I headed down to La Esquina. Despite the somewhat hectic crowd, I managed to gulp down two margaritas and a pile of tacos, which made for the best Saturday night I’ve had in weeks. Mainly because the gang of gals I had with me had me dying from laughter.


Well, it’s Monday. Don’t you just wish we could rewind back and it magically be Saturday? I mean, I’m sure you’d all be down with that. Did you do anything crazy/fun/interesting? Do share, I’m living in the weekend.

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March 4, 2013 - 7:43 am

Amy - All I can think about is a pretzel croissant and cookie from City Bakery. BEST. Glad you had a great weekend!

March 4, 2013 - 9:26 am

Lindsay - I love your weekend! It sounds fabulous!

March 5, 2013 - 6:12 am

colleen - uh yes, i do wish it was saturday, due to my girlfriend and i brunch at the standard with lots of champagne, shopping at bloomie’s and saks, and ending the day with some wine and dinner. so yes – saturday come back to us!

March 26, 2013 - 6:33 pm

aboyce18 - thanks my dear! Hope your winter has treated you fantastic :)

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