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That Weekend in Montauk

You can take the girl outta California but you can’t California outta the girl. It’s just the way things go. The three things guaranteed to make me happy: salt water, sand and hot temperatures. Which is exactly why this past weekend was by far my favorite of the entire summer. Throw in a few delicious boys and a fair amount of food/booze, and you’ve got the makings of a beautiful weekend.

This was my first time in Montauk and it reminded me so much of the beach towns in California, I could’ve sworn I was back home. I was practically giddy the entire time I was there, which is saying alot since I haven’t felt giddy since that one time I did yoga with Colin Farrell (another time, another story). In between beach sessions and cocktail-drinking, we managed to wander a bit, soak up the cute town and dance the night away. And can we talk about the magic that is known as a lobster roll?! I mean, why have I not ever had one before and how many can I eat in one sitting without dying?

Sigh, can I go back? Please? After being in New York for three years, I’ve finally found that one place that reminds me so much of California and it almost makes me never want to leave here. Almost.

Oh, and I finally became that cliche girl who finds herself a little surfer dude. It’s the hair, guys. I just can’t resist a good mop of hair.

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