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I don’t wanna grow up…

Two week ago, I watched my best friend move in with her boyfriend, another good friend of mine who I’ve knownView full post »

the gifts of the season

If I could bake cookies every day in December, I totally would do. Live in elastic sweat pants, flour permanently inView full post »

kitchen fatigue

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving, and I am still fatigued. I’ve maintained a must-have relationship withView full post »

leftover mayhem

Throughout this holiday weekend, every time I walked by my fridge, I’d wince, thinking about the leftovers thatView full post »


You know what is an ultimate dealbreaker for me? PIcky eaters. Can’t stand them, can’t deal with them. TheView full post »

taming the beast

We all have our addictions and obsessions. That’s just a fact. But I’m trying to run a fairly clean blogView full post »

the best part of fall

Sacramento shines in fall. Unlike summer when the sticky heat makes everyone crazy, fall seems to awaken and energyView full post »

a breakfast believer

I don’t understand people who don’t eat breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. Nothing makes meView full post »

It’s not delivery…

A college student learns to make friends with their pizza delivery guy. You get to know them, tip them well, and inView full post »

what is on your dinner plate?

Like many today, my mind is on my wallet. With the holidays fast approaching, I can feel my unease continue to grow. HowView full post »