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My Stone Cold Pack of Weirdos

    “Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet. Sometimes life puts you in touch withView full post »

Who Run The World?

Sagittarius folks, it’s looking like this week is a big one for us. Give it one final sweep, Sagittarius. OnView full post »

Decisions, Decisions

Two weeks of nonstop work, personal frustrations and a roaring case of insomnia found me on the couch, Saturday morningView full post »

You Knock Me Right Out

In 12 hours I’ll be dancing my butt off with this man. Sigh, ladies, it doesn’t get any better. Men,View full post »

All In The Stars

I’ve never used to be a big believer of the universe, of horoscopes, of something bigger. However, afterView full post »

He Was A Good Idea At The Time

It’s been 8 months since I last saw him. It’s not that he played a hugely significant part in myView full post »

Wednesday Wisdom

  I mean, when in doubt… PIZZA.   Thanks to my gal Kate for this. She’s on it.View full post »

Finding Levity

This post could also be written as, “How to date in your twenties like a sane person.” Obviously IView full post »

Life Lessons from My Mom

In honor of my mom being in town, I figured it would be fun to share some of my mom-isms with you. Let’sView full post »

October is…

It’s here, finally. October. My favorite month of the year. When it’s completely appropriate to eat pumpkinView full post »

Recent Developments

Been thinking alot about leaving New York. And what that means, where I’d go. How I can leave when 50% ofView full post »

A Moment of Silence

To say the summer was interesting would be an understatement. Dare I say, this summer might have been my best one ever?View full post »

Life According to Beyonce

Every girl, at some point in her life, falls in love with Beyonce. It’s hard not to, honestly. To say she is myView full post »

It’s a Jungle Out There

All of a sudden I looked at the calendar and realized 2013 was half over. Hold the phone. When did that happen?!View full post »

A Weekend of Celebrating

I’ve spent the holiday weekend back in California, and it couldn’t have been better timing. I love my NewView full post »