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charles nolan fall 2008

Charles Nolan Fall 2008 Why do I love this collection? Well according to Meenal Mistry at, “HeView full post »

hungry after 200 posts

Bored in photo class. They really should shut these computers down if they expect me to pay attention to lecture. LikeView full post »

Luca Luca 2008

Luca Luca Fall 2008. Luca Luca is one of my favorite fashion labels. This season was done very differently, with their View full post »

hard work pays off

I’m way behind on this post but I wanted to share it because it is so easy. Perfect for a quick weekend nightView full post »

Lela Rose

Lela Rose- Fall 2008 I loved almost every piece in this collection but I tried to limit it here. Overall, the collectionView full post »

game time

For the past week, my mom kept reminding me to make her swedish meatballs. As if I could forget with her pestering me.View full post »

super tuesday

[youtube=] It’s time to vote, California.View full post »


Anthropologie, why do you tempt me so? A girl can only dream.View full post »

comfort from the blue box

Even though I was raised in a Chinese home, my favorite meal growing up was the big blue box of Kraft Macaroni andView full post »

the great american pinup

Over the weekend, I perused my local bookstore and fell upon this book, “The Great American Pinup,” whichView full post »

fingerlickin’ good

Nothing says fingerlickin’ appetizer like guacamole. Many have their own tried and true recipes while others relyView full post »

need a laugh?

Outside it’s been wet and cold all day. I finally got home today, drenched and worse for the wear after spendingView full post »

mail call!

I came home tonight sopping wet from the continuous rain to find these at my doorstep. Amen for Nordstroms home deliveryView full post »

A trip to the Kasbah Lounge

Last night, my big group of friends and I ventured out to the Kasbah Lounge, a dark little hole in the wall restaurantView full post »

the perks of being my friend

Nothing perks up someone’s day better than a baked good. Something about these sugary treats makes everyone smileView full post »