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And then Yeezus did this…

I might have listened to this nonstop this weekend. Hi, I’m addicted. Also, when my favorite Soul Cycle teacherView full post »

We Be All Night

#SurfBort Make it a night Bey would approve of. “Drunk in Love” Cover by Angel HayesView full post »

Cooking Tunes: St. Lucia

St. Lucia – All Eyes on You Is this not one of the sexiest songs you’ve ever heard? I’ve beenView full post »

Morning Workout Playlist

You’re gonna think I’m a major weirdo but I’ve got a confession… I’m addicted to myView full post »

You Knock Me Right Out

In 12 hours I’ll be dancing my butt off with this man. Sigh, ladies, it doesn’t get any better. Men,View full post »

Now Playing: “Change Your Life”

Can’t. Stop. Listening. Send help.View full post »

Jay Z Just Gets Me

Don’t ever forget it ladies.View full post »

Sunday Listening

Coffee, paper and this song. Hello Sunday.View full post »

Monday Tunes

I. can. not. stop. listening. to. this. I didn’t think you could perfect “No Scrubs” but I’veView full post »

Life According to Beyonce

Every girl, at some point in her life, falls in love with Beyonce. It’s hard not to, honestly. To say she is myView full post »

Your Heart Has a Rhythm

 ”Liberty in the basement light. Free speech, lipstick and the moonlight. Howling to get me, howlin’ to get youView full post »

Playlist: Now We’re in the Swing of Love

Everyone, the new Justin Timberlake album is out and I know what you’re thinking. Why do I care? But I think theView full post »

Weekend Playlist: “Don’t Save Me” by HAIM

This weekend, in between a few brunches and cocktails, I fully plan on doing some major spring cleaning. After a fewView full post »

Music for Your Weekend Adventures

I don’t know about you but February is the worst. It’s deceivingly long, cold, and bleak. You are soView full post »

New York City


    Fully plan on brunching here in the near future. Obsessing over this pistachio cake. Can’t stopView full post »