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Winter Whites on Park Avenue

Dare I say, I love snow days and a wintery New York?View full post »

Things New Yorkers Do

Bitch about how everyone is too busy and then hear some guy say, “Dinner?! Yes of course! How does three weeks fromView full post »

New York Adventures: Up Close and Personal with Jean Paul Gaultier

This past Saturday wasn’t like any other Saturday. No, this time around, I cozied up with some whips andView full post »

Decisions, Decisions

Two weeks of nonstop work, personal frustrations and a roaring case of insomnia found me on the couch, Saturday morningView full post »

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Much like last year, the weekend before Halloween was dedicated to my friend Taylor and her impending birthday.View full post »

Just a Reminder

Sometimes I forget how much I love this city. It’s so easy to get bogged down with work and life and everything inView full post »

Recent Developments

Been thinking alot about leaving New York. And what that means, where I’d go. How I can leave when 50% ofView full post »

Your Heart Has a Rhythm

 ”Liberty in the basement light. Free speech, lipstick and the moonlight. Howling to get me, howlin’ to get youView full post »

Have You Met My Boyfriend?

  He’s kind of amazing. He always gets dressed up. He never lets me down. He makes me smile. You guysView full post »

Spring in New York: Things I’m Noticing

The light on my evening runs can only be described as out-of-this-world. Literally, it blows my mind. The flowersView full post »

Weekend Words: To Hold and Let Go

Gearing up for a weekend spent with the best of people. Brunches, long walks, shopping trips, carrot cake. What aboutView full post »

In the end, there is only New York

“I feel somewhat guilty admitting this in a public setting, because my friends and loved ones who live in otherView full post »

Weekend Hit List: City Bakery, La Esquina and a Karen Walker Dress

  Hold up. Before we dig our heels into this week, can we just give this weekend a round of applause forView full post »

New York City


    Fully plan on brunching here in the near future. Obsessing over this pistachio cake. Can’t stopView full post »

Why New York and December are My Favorites

When I flew into New York early Sunday morning, I knew. I just knew. This is where I am supposed to be. In this city, atView full post »