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Please give

There is nothing more frustrating than the events in Japan. Sitting in my small room thousands of miles away, I feelView full post »

Getting down to business…

First of all, to the many people who emailed me about Haiti relief funds and charities, thank you. Your eagerness andView full post »

Those in need…

Like the China Earthquake last year, I feel deep sorrow and sympathy for those victims of the Haitian earthquake. TryingView full post »

a letter to the lawmakers

Dear California legislators, Hi, my name is Amanda and I am one of the 300,000 employed by the great state of CaliforniaView full post »

give me a reason to believe

Driving in to work on Tuesday morning was quite depressing as I knew that 20,000 California state workers had receivedView full post »

furlough friday

Last friday, California state workers stayed home, taking their mandated furlough friday. There were lots of grumblingView full post »

“While we breathe, we hope.”

Guys, I feel energized. Invigorated. Earlier today, I was on pins and needles now later tonight, I feel like all theView full post »

protect your interests

As I walked on to campus today, I noticed that the political campaigns had finally kicked in to full force. This is whatView full post »