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“Anxious shoppers” & a very black friday

Okay, I know I mentioned before that I was going to participate in a “Black Friday” fast.

Well, that didn’t happen. In fact, I got my ass out of bed at 6 a.m. and shopped. In my defense, can I just say that I needed to burn extra calories so I just had to shop??

Right. No go.

Anyways, I went to Best Buy to try and get myself a new camera since mine is old/stupid/bulky/etc. But the minute I walked into the store and saw the crazy line looping around the aisles, I left. My poor coffee-deprived self couldn’t take it :(

Next up Target. Talk about an even bigger mess.

Tons of people pushing carts into everyone, little kids running around, and beleaguered men wandering around aisles looking for an exit. I felt like I was in hell. Now,I wanted to buy new bakeware, a new coffeemaker, and possible some DVDs. But I made the executive decision to not put up with this chaotic mess and left. Oh well, so much for saving money.

In an attempt to quell my growing frustration, I went to the mall. I know, I know, the mall isn’t really where one should go if they are on a spending diet. But I couldn’t help it! I needed to get away from the masses, to fill my mind with pretty clothes and FRIENDLY salespeople. And even though I left the mall about $150 lighter, I got some cute jeans, 2 sweaters, and enjoyed my shopping experience. (I plan on returning a turtleneck sweater ebcause after looking at the receipt, I noticed it $49.50, not 29.50 as I thought. See, I’m kind of being frugal.)

But I will say that after the mall, I felt like I should try to buy the things on my list. And I had better luck at Mervyn’s where I was able to buy cheap burgundy sheets, a coffeemaker, and some bakeware, all for $85. Thankfully, the staff was friendly and cheerful, and the lines weren’t too long. Much better than the other stores.

In the past years, I have enjoyed shopping on Black friday, enjoyed the rush, and have ALWAYS been succesful in getting all my Christmas presents for others. This year, it wasn’t the case. The cheaper stores were simply too packed, too insance, and just too much for me.

It seems like with gas prices rising, costs going up, and a rather lagging economy, everyone is out to save. The Sacramento Bee wrote this article “Anxious Shopppers Hit The Malls” and it seems that my suspicions were confirmed. Wal-mart, target, best buy were all packed. The NY Times even discussed how bargain shoppers are out in full force, leaving Nordstrom’s and Coach in the dust.

Why? Because we all need deals. And luxury stores are going to suffer because we just can’t shop there anymore.

But I think the opposite approach should be looked at as well. When I went to the mall and the higher priced stores, I found more customer service, better lines, and an overall pleasant experience.

When I attempted to purchase a new camera at Circuit City, I found everyone overworked and operating on short fuses. I literally left in TEARS because I was so frustrated with the help I wasn’t receiving. The staff & management had no idea how to handle all the people. Their lack of planning emphasizes their weak leadership. It’s too bad too, I really wanted that new camera.

So if I paid a little more for the things that I got, oh well. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Honestly, if I never step inside of a Circuit City again, I’d be happy. I guess it’s back to online shopping.

November 24, 2007 - 6:45 pm

gossipartist - Aww, I don’t blame you for being frustrated, honestly I think that Black Friday should be changed to “Angry Shopping Day”. I think you did the right thing leaving the stores, and not venturing in further… In the end, it’s just not worth it! ;)

November 25, 2007 - 7:06 am

tngal37 - Yes I would call it “Angry Shopping Day Too” all the people that are out, No I love people but not that many people 2, maybe 50, but 2000 nooo I will be staying home I buy all the things that I need through this website that sends me rebates on everything I buy. I look for bargains and save even more. Who doesn’t like getting money back in the mail? I don’t worry about crowds, where I’m going to
park, or who has a better sale I shop at in my pajama’s and my friendly UPS man carry’s it to my door for me :)


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Move over Oprah!

Stacy London is taking over! The great host from What not to wear on TLC now has her own talk show, Fashionably Late. And guess what? It doesn’t suck! It’s actually really good. She is hilarious and fun, not to mention has really good fashion tips.

She’s like Tim Gunn, but dare I say better?! USA Today did a little piece on her. Check it out here. She talks about her new show, apartment and how to decorate a home.

“Downstairs in her Carroll Gardens duplex, her 300 pairs — half are here, the rest are at work — have their own hall (the end used to be the fire exit). Lined up on tiered racks, the shoes stand sentry on either side, forming a color-coordinated leather and suede allee of pumps and flats, sandals and stilettos.”

Can you just imagine? Man, I’m so jealous.

And while she isn’t giving out cars like Ms. O, she is giving away cute jeans and shoes. Sound’s like my kind of show…  Seems like someone else caught on to the new show too. And here is a mini wrap up of an audience member who was at the first taping.

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retro friday

As my turkey feast is still digesting, I decided the best way to spend my friday was right on the couch with tons of movies. Old, new, silly, serious. You name it, I got it. But I must admit, once the holidays kick in, I tend to watch alot of the older retro films. And I especially have a fondness for any film with Katharine Hepburn.

Strong & classic, she embodies all things Hollywood. I especially love her in Little Women & Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant. In between movie marathons, I am baking some delish chocolate chip walnut cookies.

As soon as I get done being lazy, I have a plethora of photos and recipes to post. But now, back to the show…

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“What would the world look like if everyone lived like me?”

Living green is a big topic today. But sometimes it’s hard to see how big of a role you play in this global economy. But playing this “Consumer Consequences” game is a great way to see how little changes can make a big difference.

This game from American Public Media allows you to enter in all your statistics like how much do you buy, travel, carpool, etc. It uses that information to generate some major consumer consequences. Opening your eyes to how much waste you produce and how much you could conserve is amazing.

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It’s Giada’s world

First, a food network show.
A couple of cookbooks.
Then a correspondent job on the Today show.
Next up, Oprah.
Now what?
Let’s face it guys: It’s Giada’s world. And it looks like she’s out to rule it. Move over Rachael Ray, you’ve got stiff competition!

picture from

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December 1, 2007 - 11:31 pm

giada » Blog Archive » It’s Giada’s world - [...] Read the rest of this great post here [...]

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