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The “Dirrty” girl


Have I mention how much I adore Christina Aguilera? If not, get ready. I love her. She’s a little raunchy, but fun and original. Props to a girl who can remember to wear panties every now and then, but can still make ass-less leather chaps look like a good time. Plus that voice is out of this world.

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Black Friday fast

Oh the dilemma.
To buy or not to buy??

It’s a holiday tradition for me to get up at the crack of dawn and join the masses looking for sales everywhere. I love it. The rush to find a sale, the smell of newly packaged products… But alas, I am broke. And trying to find new ways to celebrate the holidays is hard. But after reading this post on The Huffington Post , I’m convinced to stop my overindulgent ways, and implement a strict fast. (No, not food, are you crazy?? There is still tons of pie and turkey) I’m talking about a shopping fast.

“Buy Nothing Day is an informal day of protest against consumerism organized by Adbusters, a not-for-profit global anti-consumerist organization. The international shopping moratorium has started to gain mainstream recognition as people, my shopaholic self included, realize unrestrained consumption is a major contributor to environmental catastrophe.”

Ladies & gents, I think a change would do us all good. Now, I am not a fool, I know that it’s hard to stop this commericialis-driven wheel. But I’m not doing it for everyone else; I’m doing it for me. Think about all the waste and pollution generated by the companies who stock these stores, hoping to empty your pockets. And for what? A nice lead-ridden toy? No thanks. It’s about time that I restrain my overspending ways. What about you?

November 24, 2007 - 9:55 am

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Too much brand-age

Fashionista featured an interesting piece of labels and how this epidemic is sweeping the department stores. We’ve all seen it, that stupid Coach purse or Luis Vuitton bag that scareams “I’M TRYING SO HARD TO SEEM STYLISH” that costs way too much.



In my opinion, I think it’s just another form of advertising. Advertising not just the label, but also advertising your eager-to-please self. It’s like commercializing your look. Now, don’t get me wrong. Most clothes aim to create a specific look that says, yes this is me. Clothes help identify you. But the problem with these over labeled outfits is that it doesn’t represent who you are. It represents an idea and an image perpetuated by the brand. Plus, it’s pretty ugly.

I’d rather carry a brown, sandwich bag than one of those hideous Coach purses that scream”Suburbananite”. Call me judgemental or whatever, but those ladies who try to rock those brand-crazy outfits have no fashion sense. They are just following the pack. Look at the purses I put above. The ultra labeled purse is priced at $398 while the simple black one is only $258. The black one is definitely better, even one that I’d consider buying even though its expensive. But I guess to each her own, right?

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One to watch

Every time my RSS feed notifies me of a new WhoWhatWearDaily update, I get just a bit happy. It’s like a smaller, more compact version of Elle magazine, you know, with the ads. Solely focused on clothes, it’s a great site for looking at what people are wearing, and also gives some insight into new trends and styles.

Looks at that dress. Great detail on the bust and metallic bronze color that works well with her coloring.

Today’s post on WWWD focuses on the CFDA 7th on Sale Gala. And one of the attendees was Julia Restoin Roitfield. Don’t know who she is? Yah, I didn’t either. Well Julia is the daughter of the editor of French Vogue. And my my, she is stunning. And she is a graduate of Parsons and hopes to work in the fashion industry, which considering her lineage is probably a safe bet.

Julia Restoin-Roitfield & Carine Roitfield

Now my problem with models is that they tend to be kinda weird looking. You know, overall odd with too sharp of features. Which works for them because it’s what designer want, but Julia is the opposite. She has that Parisian style that many try to emulate, and often fail.

Check out the mini profile on Julia from Paper magazine. I got to admit, she’s got great hair, a great face and some fantastic fashion sense. Bitch.

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