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Looks to lust for

I’m going to keep going on this Erin Fetherston path because I do enjoy her sense of style and overall attitude towards fashion.

It’s refreshing to read articles about her and her experiences because she seems so down to earth, not snobby or hoity-toity like others.I already mentioned her in a previous post, but I figured that I’d show a couple of looks from her Spring ’08 show that I enjoyed.

Great slim silhouette, classic white outfit, love the button-up shirt.

Cute babydoll dress with a great, retro bandeau halter

Playful and girlie, her clothes are full of energy. What’s her take on clothes and fashion? Fetherston told Style, “I think the ultimate luxury in fashion is to be yourself, to celebrate your personality.” Read her designer profile here and check out Pandaberry’s look at her Target line.

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Matt Damon & Sexiest Man Alive?

No offense to Matt Damon, but I feel the need to contest this title. No, no, no! How could he have beaten out Patrick Dempsey??

I get it, Matt Damon has a baby, is friends w/ past sexy men (Brad Pitt & the Clooney) but honestly, was this just a pity mention? Like, the staff at People kind of went, well he used to be hot, and we always featured him in past issues, so why not?

Dempsey is the winner, in my book. Great looks, great smile, wonderful family man, happily married. What else could you want?

Man. People needs to survey their readers more. How could you have missed this perfect man?

I vote for a recall!

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April 28, 2008 - 3:14 am

lexxiecouper - Yeah, I’ve always been a Matt Damon fan… but McDreamy is really starting to pique my interest! Loved him in Enchanted.

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