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That Special New York Glow

New York

Oh New York, you sure looked fantastic this weekend. I hate to leave you for my one true love later this week but that’s how it goes. In the meantime, I’ll savor this last weekend, Full bellies, sweet treats, cocktails that hit the seasonal spot. I’m a lucky one, that’s for sure. For friends who understand that the new Beyonce album is a thing. (Cuz it is).

Thanks for showing me a good time, New York.

New York Dressing Room

And don’t tell me you won’t miss my wacky weirdness.

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Your Holiday Party Fashion Survival Kit

holiday party

And so the holiday party season has begun.

With only one weekend left for me in December before I jet off to the west coast, I’ve got a whirlwind few days ahead of me. However, unlike last year, I refuse to burn myself out and get too crazy. Instead, I’m forcing myself to spend wisely on presents and holiday party dresses AND pick only the parties that I really want to go to. Because, out of the 10 invitations you receive, chances are that you really only want to go to 4 of them.


So here are a few questions for you, in preparation for the holiday party marathon:

How do you mix up your traditional beauty routine or wardrobe during the holidays?

Is there one thing that you turn to for that extra oomph?

How do you stylishly survive the endless amounts of parties and dinners?

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Changing Of The Seasons

Grand Central

NY Public Library

Rolf German

Rockefeller Tree

Holiday Party

Justin Timberlake Concert

When you say you won’t forget me, well I can tell you that’s untrue

’cause every day since you left me I’ve thought less and less of you

And I’ve worn out all the reasons to keep on knocking at your door

Could be the changing of the seasons but I don’t love you


Changing of the seasons – Two Door Cinema Club.

Someone please help me because I can’t stop listening to it and I’m sure my roommate is tired of hearing it.

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Let’s Get Festive


Raise your hand if you ate, drank and definitely got merry this past holiday weekend?

While I would have loved to be home with family, I spent this holiday in New York with close friends. A rather eclectic group of 16 people from all across the globe in a Nolita loft with more food and booze than you could image? Yup, it was as much fun as you could imagine. To be honest, I had this moment at the table where I looked around at all of us, stuffed and a little rowdy at 1am, and realized how lucky I was to be here, in NYC, with these people. I guess that’s the point of the holiday, right? To practice gratitude for the big and little things in your life.

Festive holiday

Coming off a holiday high, I am much too excited about December. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my birthday month (oh hey archers!!) but it really is the best time of the year. New York is all lit up, all fancified, and she does look pretty dashing all dressed up, right? Plus, throw in the holiday soirees and time with loved ones. I mean, you can’t go wrong. After a very busy fall, I’m so ready to kick up my heels with friends, enjoy a few winter cocktails, and, most of all, head back to California.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, let’s all make a pact: We solemnly swear that we will be up to no good this December. (And yes, I did just steal that from a Harry Potter novel. A certain someone may have binged on the movies while  baking pies for Thanksgiving.)

Also, because this is my birthday month (LOOK WHO’S TURNING 22 AGAIN!), I felt it only right to share a few snippets from Ms. Miller’s horoscope for December. Because, it’s a good one and I’m ready. And because she’s done just a freaking amazing job these past two months. It’s almost terrifying.

This is your birthday month, and the start of December will be full of cheer. The new moon in Sagittarius, December 2, will get the party started. Over the coming two weeks, you will have a chance to put in motion a new venture or relationship (or both) that is important to you.

This will be the only new moon of the year that will fall in Sagittarius, so this will be very helpful for you. It will have the power to boost the actions you take in the two weeks that follow that date, so choose something important to launch – the seeds you plant then will affect your life positively for an entire year to come. You need not complete your goal, but start to simply seed your plans at the earliest possible date after December 2. After this new moon appears, its strength deflates with each passing day – act quickly after December 2.

If you hope to give your career a big push forward, you will still have the assistance of Mars, now in Virgo in your fame and honors sector, from December 1 to 6. This is a holdover from last month, and half of the month before that (October 15) when you first hosted Mars in Virgo and began this trend. Once Mars leaves, however, he will not be back to give professional efforts a big boost until September 2015. Make that first week of December count for you.

Once Mars enters Libra on December 7, your orientation will change. You will have eight months of the red planet’s boost to your social life. This sounds good, but you may find that at times your social life will be so energized that you won’t have much time for anything else. You will need to balance this new trend with demands of work and family, of course.

Ok, let’s do the damn thing.

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Cooking Tunes: St. Lucia

St. Lucia – All Eyes on You

Is this not one of the sexiest songs you’ve ever heard? I’ve been listening to it nonstop, to the point where my coworker is like ALRIGHT ALREADY. So, while I’m off to bake two pies for tomorrow’s feast, I’m gonna rock out to this song while knee-deep in flour. Because, ya know, why not.


Happy Thanksgiving, kids. Eat, drink and get weird.

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