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Great Yeast-pectations

2010 is the year that I call a truce with yeast. For years, I’ve waged a war with yeast of all kinds (Active Dry,View full post »

Bacon. It’s what’s for dinner.

I can’t believe it has taken me 20 days to get to this post. For that, I owe you all an apology. As a fearless, recipeView full post »

Giving thanks

It’s about that time to start prepping tomorrow’s meals. I’m in charge of the salad, cornbread, andView full post »

Sweet Surrender

Sometimes, a girl needs to just get away. You know what I mean? I desperately needed my San Francisco weekend. There isView full post »

The weight of paranoia

Tomorrow, I head down to Southern California and I’m a little anxious. It’s a big work trip, and there is aView full post »

the best, according to me

When I think about fall, one thing comes in to my mind: cookies. Or, more specifically, cold afternoons spent huddledView full post »

quick! before the summer ends…

Confession time: I’ve been holding out on you all. I made this fantastic potato salad back in freaking July and I amView full post »

an indian summer salad

Once mid-August comes, it’s safe to say that most Americans are sweating bullets. Hot temperatures, rising humidity,View full post »

of chlorine and grilled cheese

I can’t think of a more American staple than a grilled cheese sandwich. Ok, maybe a hamburger, with special sauceView full post »

my summer high

There are certain moments when I am filled with complete happiness. This is not a common feat, and when it happens, whenView full post »

it’s over already?!

I swear, the weekends are passing by so quickly nowadays. I wish I could sit and savor the summer weekends more but IView full post »

a letter to the lawmakers

Dear California legislators, Hi, my name is Amanda and I am one of the 300,000 employed by the great state of CaliforniaView full post »

sweet and salty cornbread

Some say that during these economic downturns, we should all count our blessing for the things that we have (jobs,View full post »

if you love yogurt, raise your hand!

I used to hate yogurt. ALOT. I mean, more than beets, or brussel sprouts (side note, I jumped on the brussel sproutView full post »