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Winter Pie

The month after Christmas is always the hardest. Sugar has lots its appeal as your jeans have gotten tighter. The sky,View full post »

Super Sugar Sparkles

We all know I have a sweet spot for cookies. I could live without cakes and pies, but cookies? No way. I actually wishView full post »

my kind of kryptonite

Even though I rant and rave about cookies and cakes, my true sweet love lies with ice cream. Oh, I could write linesView full post »

a tropical celebration

I officially declare the start of the summer season. I don’t care that it is currently raining outside, nor do IView full post »

friends till the end

I’d like to think that it was cheesecake that brought my best friend and I together. Sara Lee frozen cheesecake,View full post »

the real thing

A couple of weeks ago I was at my mom’s house and had the biggest urge to bake. Not completely out of the ordinary butView full post »

lost, but not forgotten

I can’t believe it has taken me over 3 months to share this recipe with you all. Man, I should be fired. You’View full post »


Folks, my kitchen mojo has been off. Way off. I think that in the moving shuffle, I lost not only my iPod charger, aView full post »

the motto for 2009…

Hope can be a great motivator and that’s what resolutions are all about. The hope to be the best version ofView full post »

merry christmas

I hope you all have a great Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy the cold weather by staying indoors, cozying up withView full post »

I don’t wanna grow up…

Two week ago, I watched my best friend move in with her boyfriend, another good friend of mine who I’ve knownView full post »

the gifts of the season

If I could bake cookies every day in December, I totally would do. Live in elastic sweat pants, flour permanently inView full post »