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Winter Blues

Right around this time, I get a bad case of the winter blues. Once the holiday decorations have been packed away and theView full post »

Chocolate, Gone Gourmet

There isn’t anything better than discovering a company that is dedicated in delivering high quality chocolate in anView full post »

The Christmas Cheesecake

Right now, I’m sure you are hastily running around, trying to prepare for your holiday feast and family get-together.View full post »

pie, perfected

Baking pies isn’t necessarily about the finished product. It’s about the process. The mixing, the shaping,View full post »

Giving thanks

It’s about that time to start prepping tomorrow’s meals. I’m in charge of the salad, cornbread, andView full post »

Holiday Game Face

Once Halloween passes, the throes of the holiday season are thrust upon us. It feels a little premature for me though. IView full post »

Coming home

The best part about leaving your childhood home is visiting it again. Luckily, I live only 30 minutes away from my momView full post »

Short and sweet

I had a whole post up here, finished and ready to be posted. It was a good one too, one I think alot of you would haveView full post »

The weight of paranoia

Tomorrow, I head down to Southern California and I’m a little anxious. It’s a big work trip, and there is aView full post »

Nature Girl

It seems that my wishes for fall have jinxed me as the weather in California has been pretty hot. While I dream ofView full post »

the best, according to me

When I think about fall, one thing comes in to my mind: cookies. Or, more specifically, cold afternoons spent huddledView full post »

The Time Traveler

Recently, I started thinking about time travel. No, I’m not getting all science-fiction on you, I’m thinkingView full post »

California dreamin’

One of the upsides to my job is that I get to travel. Not internationally (although that would be AWESOME) but withinView full post »

Just around the corner

I walked in to a local shop and before I stepped my two feet in to the door, fall hit me. I don’t mean that I fellView full post »

the sunday kind of life

One of the pure and simple joys I’ve found in life is the sunday breakfast. I’ve attested to my love forView full post »