Toys play an integral part of every kid’s life. The toys are the ones that will keep them engaged throughout the day and provide them with the entertainment that is required. There are many kinds of toys that are available in the market. When it comes to buying toys for kids, it is hard to choose from the wide range of options available. It is because we are not sure whether they will like it or not. There is this one particular category of toys that every kid will fall in love which is Magnetic Toys for Kids. Their magnetic properties will definitely amaze and fascinate them. In this article, we will discuss the best magnetic toys for kids.

Magnetic tiles deluxe building set

We are sure that there is no kid who does not like to play with building blocks. If these blocks have magnets in them, then there are no second thoughts on the fact that the kids will love them. The toy has a hundred blocks with which the child can build structures like towers, bridges, buildings, and castles. The blocks come in good options of various shapes and sizes. The best part is that the set also has windows that render a realistic feel.

Shape mags junior set

The shape mags junior set is also one of the best when it comes to magnetic toys. If you have both the shape mags and building set, it will be an amazing collection. The mags junior set is very strong and can withstand any harsh handling. The toy set offers everything that your little one requires to build various structures that he or she imagines. They also provide instructions to build various structures.

Fridge Phonics magnetic letter set

Fridge magnets are generally used for decorative purposes. But what if they can be used for decorative and educational purposes? Fridge phonics is one of those toys that can do both. These magnets are engraved with alphabets and numbers. These magnetic toys are great learning tools that can also keep the kids engaged.  They can easily practice what they learn in school. Each of these magnets has different sounds which makes them more interactive. Now the kids will surely have fun while singing ABC and also while counting numbers.

Magformers standard set

The magformers standard set has sixty-two magnetic pieces. These magnetic pieces can be put together to form different shapes and structures. The set comes with a book that provides step by step instructions to build various structures. Some of the shapes include turtle, bumbles, ball, Pentagon and a lot more. Well, it is not necessary that the kids need to stick on to the instructions. They can build anything that they want and however, they want.

Magformers inspire set

The Magformers inspire set comes with thirty pieces. It includes eighteen squares and twelve triangles. This set can also be used with other magformers as it is compatible with all magformers sets. It helps kids to learn colors and identify them easily. It comes with the instruction manual which helps the kids building many structures.