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Blueberry-Filled Pie Bars

When I picture summer, I picture these bars. Simple, colorful, messy, juicy. That’s summer to me. Sure, IView full post »

Fresh Strawberry Scones

I have this trait, a personality flaw that I’m starting to realize. I do favors. A lot. For others. It canView full post »

Then and Now

I was wandering through the packed streets of SoHo last weekend, laughing and shopping with friends when a wave ofView full post »

Feast on this Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Everyday  I have this moment-of-truth thought. It’s like a mini awakening that happens literally everydayView full post »

New York Diary: Prime Meats

Farm-to-table food gets a hearty update at Prime Meats   What makes New York City so special is that you canView full post »

New York Diary – Cafe Cluny

There is a magic in the West Village air, one that I can’t quite describe. You have to be there to feel it. ItView full post »

Apricot Jam Cake

As I sit here in my almost empty apartment, on my second to last night here, I can’t help but think ofView full post »

A Weekend Reprieve

Sometimes life comes at you hard and strong. In a flurry of emails, meetings, deadlines. In those instances, I wish IView full post »

Clinton St. Baking Company

I had the pleasure of eating at Clinton St. Baking Company. Folks, I waited 2 hours for these pancakes. TWO HOURS. ForView full post »

Home is good for the heart

I was on edge all day last Thursday. An antsy traveler, I couldn’t wait to get on the plane and be home. AlthoughView full post »

Christmas Treats

In the past, this little space of mine becomes decked out with the Christmas sweets. Cookies in every shape and flavorView full post »

Return to Normalcy

After a five month run, I quit my second job. While I loved my coworkers and the job’s social aspects, I didn’tView full post »

Going Bananas

You’ve probably been wondering what’s been going on behind the scenes. I was burnt out after the holidays andView full post »

Art & waffles

It’s been almost a year since I’ve moved out on my own. I look at my little place and smile. This small home hasView full post »

Reason Enough

I started this blog almost two years ago for two reasons. 1. I was bored. 2. I wanted a challenge. Simple, right? InView full post »