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Weekend Words: To Hold and Let Go

Gearing up for a weekend spent with the best of people. Brunches, long walks, shopping trips, carrot cake. What aboutView full post »

New York Diary: Let’s Do Dough

I have kind of become a doughnut connoisseur since moving to New York, which is strange since I wasn’t aView full post »

The Farm Life

Over the weekend, my friend Robin and I packed up the car and made our way up the Taconic State Parkway toView full post »

Since I’ve Been Gone

Well that was an interesting month, to say the least. It’s probably time for mini life-update, right? While I wasView full post »

beach dreams

All weekend I kept looking at this photo, dreaming of the beach. Nothing is on the books but I think a weekendView full post »

Things I’ve been thinking while NOT blogging

Once again, this space has gotten quiet. I could say alot of things, try and explain why but who cares? Right? ItView full post »

Queen of California

The problem with California is that, in a few short days, it will steal your heart. Within minutes of landing in LosView full post »

Ready, Set, Vacation!

By the time this goes up, I will be high in the key, with ample magazines and snacks. My flight go-to? M&MsView full post »

Blueberry-Filled Pie Bars

When I picture summer, I picture these bars. Simple, colorful, messy, juicy. That’s summer to me. Sure, IView full post »

Well-Built Home

Last weekend, in a post-graduate school completion high, I started dreaming about building a home. Somewhere.View full post »

To All the Mothers

For your love. For your support. Especially to mine all the way across the country…   image: Jackie &View full post »

Lucky Fabb + West Coast Recap

I can’t believe it’s taken me 3 days to write this but what can I say? Work is hectic and I don’View full post »

Snickerdoodle Cake

When it comes down to it, I’m a sucker for good ole simple cake. I try to embrace the fancy stuff but you knowView full post »

Spending Friday in Paris

Fridays are meant for daydreaming, right? When the week is all done and you’ve got nothing on your mindView full post »

Happy Friday + a brief note

It’s Friday guys!! I couldn’t be more excited. The city has been gorgeous the past few weekends and I’View full post »